Rivalry renewed

The Lakers and Celtics are the best rivalry in all of sports. From Magic/Bird to Kobe/Pierce and Gasol/Garnett, the matchups have been amazing and the buzz off the charts. After the Lakers last championship the rivalry died down as both teams headed for rebuilds. For those who live for this rivalry, you will soon be pleased. With Ingram and ball on the Lakers and the possibility for two max guys, and the Celtics landing Kyrie, the rivalry will be renewed sooner rather than later. I bleed purple and gold, I will get to the Lakers soon (best for last) but I also recognize the fact that Boston will be an exciting team to watch and I hope they keep improving. Some might say this is blasphemy coming from a Laker fan, but I think of it as a sort of reverse psychology. I believe the Celtics being in contention will motivate the Lakers to do better, thus speeding up the process of bringing this rivalry into full swing. With Kyrie and Hayward running the show I believe the Lakers will have that extra motivation soon. Irving is a beast offensively and he hasn’t even entered his prime, so there is room and time for him to grow defensively. Once he does that he will be a true superstar. Hayward is an excellent second option and the two of them motivated on a successful franchise will do wonders for the city of Boston.Moving on from the B side to the A side, we have the Lakers with Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. These 2 are game changers. Brandon Ingram’s length (he grew 2 inches over the summer) and athletic ability and work ethic will allow him to flourish in the league. Some are concerned over his weight but I am not in the least. He will gain strength and muscle gradually and he just turned 20 so he will only improve. I believe Ingram can be the Lakers leading scorer and possibly the NBA scoring champion in the next few years. Then there is Lonzo Ball. This kid is special. His passing ability and court vision is second to none. Lonzo has something intangible though. His maturity and work ethic along with his mentality on the court will allow him to make every player on the team better. Ball is changing the culture in LA and it is going to be reminiscent of showtime. This new Zo time Lakers will be competing against a very talented Boston team in the finals before we know it and none of us realize how much fun it will really be.

Notorious spectacle

Why are there so many people, mostly boxing fans, who are opposed to the McGregor VS Mayweather fight? There are a couple different reasons I can think of. First is the fact that Mayweather is boxings all time pound for pound fighter with a record of 49-0 and McGregor has never had a professional boxing match. This is a baled point, but you have to consider the fact that Mayweather is far removed from his prime. If this was a prime Floyd Mayweather I would agree that Mcgregor should fight others first, but he is old and Conor is young. Floyd is 40 years old with brittle hands and has been retired for 2 years. McGregor on the other hand, is 29 years old, taller, longer reach, naturally more muscle mass, extremely athletic, is a lefty, and is the pound for pound best fighter in his respective sport, a sport that is a more extreme version of Floyds. If Floyd tries to brawl with McGregor he is in trouble. Conor will keep coming foreword eating Floyd’s pillow punches and will eventually connect with that mean left hand.The next point I was able to think of is that people might be threatened by the fact that it is a real possibility that an MMA fighter waltzes in and beats histories pound for pound best boxer. They think it will destroy boxing. I believe that for the reasons above, McGregor has a real chance, and I don’t believe it will destroy boxing since this isn’t a prime Mayweather that will be losing. Mayweather fans act as if Conor has no shot, but then seem to not want the fight. Deep down they know that this is still a fight, and a watered down fight to McGregor. Conor feels as if this is a half a fight because there is so much to defend against in MMA that he won’t have to worry about against Mayweather. This gives McGregor even more confidence, which is huge considering the physical gifts he possesses. This will be an amazing fight and we should all just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

True king of fighters

Conor Mcgregor is the real king of fighters. Mayweather may be king of boxing but Mcgregor actually fights. No pillows, way less restrictions. Conor has to train to defend from many different forms of combat, but he does the most damage on his feet, with his hands.This is the one punch it took for Mcgregor to knock out one of MMAs best pound for pound fighters. If Mayweather really tries to brawl with Conor as he says he will, then he will be in big trouble. He will get himself knocked out.restrictions. Conor has to train to defend from many different forms of combat, but he does the most damage on his feet, with his hands.Conor Mcgregor, if nothing els, has the confidence to beat Mayweather, but if he can turn it into a slug fest, he has a Legitimate chance to beat boxings best ever pound for pound fighter.

King or no king?

For the first time ever, Lebron to the Lakers rumors seem real. But with all this hype surrounding James, stop to think..do you really want Lebron James on the Lakers? Being realistic, I would not say no to Lebron if he wanted to join Laker nation. What I will say is that he would not be my first choice. I would prefer someone who's legacy is not already cemented. Paul George and Russell Westbrook are two names that come to mind and both are from LA. Now that would be scary. Imagine a lineup of Lonzo Ball, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Brandon Ingram and Ivica Zubac or Thomas Bryant…that is a scary good lineup and it is a legitimate possibility. You don't think Westbrook will be hearing about LA from George? If Westbrook and George came to the Lakers we would have a legitimate big 4 with 3 of the 4 being from Los Angeles, this is huge. They would form an amazing team that would be fast and exciting and could rival the Showime era Lakers in excitability.So as I said before, I would not say no if he said he would sign the dotted line for the Lakers, but he would not be my first or second or maybe not even my third choice of stars to sign. Sorry Lebron, but I want someone to build their Legacy with the Lakers, not just add the gravy. If we did sign him, what would be the role of Nance, Ingram, Randle, potentially George? Someone would be left out and for maybe 2 years of high level basketball. Lebron will decline soon. Father Time is undefeated and it would be wise for the Lakers to seek out the younger stars that are from Los Angeles.

Zo time Lakers

Showtime to Zo timeThe lakers are about to enter an exciting new era of basketball that has fans buzzing. Let's take a quick look at the Lakers lineup for the exciting Zo time Lakers. Starting at the point will be Lonzo Ball. Lonzo has such great court vision and is able to make quick reads and will make the right play to give his team the best shot. He has a funny looking shot but actually releases the ball very quickly and shoots pretty well. His ability to drive and finish makes it that much easier for him to kick it to the open man. Predicted stat line: 14 ppg 8 apg 5 rpg…and he will only improve as his career progresses.Then there is KCP starting at the two guard position. Pope has the ability to guard opposing teams best guards on a nightly bases. While he can also shoot the ball well, his main positive is his defense. His ability on the defensive end will take an immense of pressure off Lonzo on that end and allow him to focus on making plays for his teammates. Predicted stat line: 13.5 ppg 5 rpg 2 apg. The trickle effect of his defense on the whole team can't be overstated.Brandon Ingram will be starting at the 3 spot, potentially for the next 15 years or so. He is long, athletic, and gaining confidence. Ingram has such a smooth game. He has a full offensive repertoire and will look to be the team's number one option on offense, yet he still has lockdown defensive potential. Predicted stat line: 19 ppg 4.5 rpg 2.5 apg. He will be the second leader next to Ball.Starting at power foreword will beJulius Randle. Apparently Randle went from being the hulk to being Goku or something because he has turned into a complete beast. He makes all the hustle plays and is a rebounding machine with the ability to start the fast break and finish. He can hit the mid range shot and is a hand full down low. Predicted stat line: 15 ppg 10 rpg and 2 apg. Finally is Brook Lopez starting at center. Everyone is sleeping on him but he is going to be huge for the team and huge for Lonzo. Lopez will be the go to scorer initially since he is a vet with an array of post moves and can score 20 on any given night. He will be an upgrade over Mozgov on both ends, but my favorite thing about him is his ability to stretch the floor. Brook Lopez is s very good 3 point shooter, which will draw opposing bigs away from the basket and open up the lane. This will allow Lonzo Ball to drive and either kick the ball to the open man, or finish himself. The finishing part will be a lot easier for the whole team with Lopez stretching the floor and opening up the defense. This will be an exciting team to watch and it appears that all the pieces fit well together. Lakers basketball will be fun again, and I can't wait.

Mamba mentality

Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland, and despite all the hate he's getting for his trade request, I understand and I think it's a great move for his legacy to move on. Lebron James is an all time great in my book, and in anyone else's who knows basketball. Yet despite this, I also think he is a drama king, and for any other alpha who wants to be top dog, this can be exhausting. Kyrie will never get the appreciation he deserves until he ventures out on his own and wins without Lebron. Sound familiar? It's the same story that it was with Kobe as he relates to Shaq.This is similar to what the headlines should read when Irving gets traded. And just like Kobe, I believe Irving will go on to win at least one title without James. He better accomplish this feat or people will forever say that Lebron James made him. This is the whole reason he wants to leave. He no longer wants to live in the shadows of Lebron. Even after hitting the clutch shot in game 7 of the NBA finals people still give the majority of the credit to Lebron. Kyrie wants the credit he deserves, and him having that mamba mentality will let him earn it eventually. It will be a tough road but his killer instinct and will to win will carry him to basketball glory and when it happens, people will see that Irving is making the right choice.

Finally fun

Nobody has showed more joy while simultaneously winning and putting in work than Shaq. The game was so fun for him and his joy on the court was a joy to watch. After the big Aristotle, the Lakers continued their winning ways for awhile before eventually falling apart from all areas within the organization. The lakers were no longer fun, and Laker Nation fell into some dark times. The only really great moment in the the last few years has been Kobe scoring 60 in his finale game. While this is great, it does not make up for the lack of competitiveness they have shown the last handful of seasons. Kobe tried his best to will his way to glory as he did for so many years, but his body gave out on him after two decades of high caliber basketball.The lakers, with some luck and excellent scouting had amassed a number of high level prospects in addition to the biggest up and coming coach. While Russell has since been traded for Brook Lopez and a pick, they have drafted a future superstar in Lonzo Ball and a potential quality starter in Kyle Kuzma.Now we get to consistently see beautiful passes to long athletic wings dunking on unsuspecting victims. I am ready to watch this new era of Zo time Lakers bring the most storied franchise in basketball back to glory, and when it is all said and done, I think this squad will make believers out of everyone.